Biosimilars Company, BioFactura, Announces Significant Team Growth

There are few companies that can boast a reputation in biosimilar development like BioFactura. In a rapidly expanding market, they are making waves in a big way in 2021. From initiation of a phase 1 study for a biosimilar treatment for people suffering from Crohn’s Disease to a recent transfer agreement with RANI Therapeutics, there’s a lot to be excited about for a company of just under 50 employees.

But this relatively small team is growing exponentially. Throughout the third quarter, the team has been adding more depth and expertise at a rate that’s causing many in the Capital Region to take notice. With several key hires directly tied to their aggressive growth strategy, they are preparing themselves for a breakout year in 2022.

Check out a few of the new faces the team expects to make a big impact:

DJ Bortey – DJ is a dual-threat scientist. With a Master’s in Biotechnology specializing in Biodefense and Biosecurity along with a Master’s in Business Administration, DJ is already making an impact as the team’s Quality Control lead. Adding her to such a dynamic team will be crucial to BioFactura’s goals.

Maggie Brennan Maggie is a University of Rochester educated Bioprocess Engineer. Boasting a background of aseptic technique, mammalian cell culture, media preparation, cryopreservation, microscopy, she’s going to be a huge asset for a team looking to perfect its processes and scale. Bonus points – Maggie is an Internationally ranked Irish Dancer!

Brianna Eddy Brianna is BioFactura’s Document Control and Training Coordinator. She worked at MedImmune in Validation, then at Lonza in Document Control. She will be a huge asset to a team looking to continue to grow by establishing structure and frameworks to bring new employees up to speed more efficiently.

Daniel Harrigan – Daniel is joining the team as a Senior Manager. As a senior scientist at United Therapeutics for more than 15 years, Daniel has also worked locally at the NIH/SAIC as well as MedImmune with industry experience that spans nearly 25 years. Daniel was also a Communications Specialist in the Army before graduating from UMBC’s biology program. His decision-making capabilities under pressure are a valuable resource to the Biofactura mission.

Carolyn Six – Carolyn has nearly two decades of industry experience ranging from her time at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) as a Virology Technician and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH/NIAID) as a biologist to her time in quality control and quality assurance work at both Emergent and Novavax. A graduate of Goucher College’s biology program, Carolyn developed her passion for biotherapeutics during her time at USAMRIID. Carolyn is also a contributing author to several publications on nucleic acid vaccines.

Ben Strouse – Ben joined the BioFactura team as a Senior Manufacturing Associate.  He has been working in biotech in both quality control and manufacturing. At AstraZeneca, he was looked to as a leader amongst his team, tasked with training up more junior manufacturing associates and the development of various high-priority SOPs and protocols.

BioBuzz is excited to see talent find a company that’s quickly losing its title as one of the Capital Region’s “best-kept secrets” to their new title of “global biosimilars powerhouse”. We wish these new Biofactura team members much success in the coming years!