Diagnostic startup Senzo is developing an at-home COVID-19 test that’s as reliable as a PCR

Diagnostic startup Senzo is developing an at-home COVID-19 test that’s as reliable as a PCR
Following a promising early study, the company hopes to take the product to market before the end of the year and add some Philly-based team members.

By Paige Gross / STAFF

Senzo’s Amplified Lateral Flow COVID-19 test. (Courtesy photo)

If you’ve headed to a work event, family gathering or crowded space in the last two years, it’s likely you’ve taken an at-home COVID-19 test to check your viral status.
It’s how much of the world is responsibly operating in the “new normal” right now, as we manage the ongoing pandemic while returning to something like pre-2020 life. And one Philly-area startup is hoping its tests can be a part of that system.

Senzo, a point-of-care and self-testing diagnostics company, announced this week it received 100% accuracy ratings of its Amplified Lateral Flow (ALF) COVID-19 test in a blind study led by infectious disease and COVID-19 researcher Dr. Thushan de Silva’s team at the University of Sheffield.

Promising early results
The nearly 20-person team, which lists offices in Bucks County’s Newtown and London, were aiming to build an at-home rapid test that produces results as accurate as a lab-tested PCR test. CEO Jeremy Stackawitz, who joined the startup last October, said that people rely on at-home tests to go about their daily lives right now, but many at-home options don’t pick up low viral loads, which are common at the start of an infection or as symptoms are setting in.

Jeremy Stackawitz. (Courtesy photo)

“If you test early after an exposure, and you’re currently asymptomatic, it’s quite possible you’re infected and infectious, but you’re testing negative on at at-home rest,” Stackawitz said. “Or people who are trying to do the right thing have to go to the store, to work, and wait three days for PCR test results back.”

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