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Nucleate Alumni Summit 2024

August 27 August 29

Website – https://summit.nucleate.org/

Prepare for a remarkable showcase at Nucleate’s Alumni Summit taking place from August 27-29, 2024, nestled in the heart of the California Redwoods at 1440 Multiversity.

Please note that a ticket purchase does not provide transport or accommodation. This is a once-a-year highlight of biotech, bringing together the best and brightest.

Join us for a series of panel discussions (tree talks) highlighting our women in biotech and the future of AI, as well as our fireside chats featuring esteemed biotech leaders.

Participating students will gain valuable insights, mentorship and networks that will empower their path to becoming the Key Opinion Leaders of tomorrow.

Attending sponsors and industry professionals have a unique opportunity to be a part of our community, to share their experiences and to invest in and inspire the future of biotech and life sciences.

As we unite members from all our chapters worldwide, accompanied by our sponsors and thought leaders, we celebrate shared accomplishments and inspire each other to continue our mission.

It serves not only as a culmination of past successes, but a launchpad for new initiatives, collaborations, and partnerships that will shape the future of our global community.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] or [email protected] for any additional information.

Come to a truly unforgettable event you won’t want to miss. Check out what we have planned for you below!

Nucleate Leadership & Alumni please register your interest in attending here prior to buying tickets, for more info regarding potential grant opportunities.

Sponsors – If you are interested in partnering reach out to [email protected]

If you have any questions on ADA compliant venue facilities, reach out before buying a ticket.

Please direct all questions to [email protected].


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