FZata Announces First-in-Class “Live Biologics In A Pill” Platform Entering Manufacturing Phase

Halethorpe, MD, 11 August 2021

FZata, Inc. is developing our ground-breaking “Live Biologics In A Pill” platform for oral delivery of live biologics. Live Biologics In A Pill will open up a new route of oral administration for innovative live biologic therapeutics. FZata is pleased to announce that our lead drug, FZ002, has advanced to manufacturing stage and IND-enabling studies. FZ002 is a first-in-class live biotherapeutic product (LBP) yeast for the treatment of Clostridioides difficile (C. diff) infection.  C. diff bacteria can cause life-threatening diarrhea. Infections occur most often in people who have taken antibiotics for other conditions. It is the most common healthcare-associated infection and the CDC has labeled it at the highest urgent threat level.

Dr. Zhiyong Yang, PhD, President and CEO FZata, commented, “We are very excited to be leading this groundbreaking work. Our first-in-class live LBP drug candidate will be manufactured for clinical trials by a world-class CDMO that is experienced with LBPs. FZ002 will prove the clinical utility of our platforms both in terms of the multi-specific antibody and in terms of the probiotic yeast delivery vehicle. Once the platform is validated, we will be ready to advance our next drug candidates for other gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases to clinical trials.  We believe the Live Biologics In A Pill platform will be disruptive in the biologics market and enable safer, more effective, patient-friendly, and affordable biologic drugs.”

FZata Live Biologics In A Pill Platform. Our innovative pipeline utilizes a probiotic yeast that are genetically engineered to express and secrete therapeutic proteins. 1) FZata capsule (Live Biologics In A Pill) contains live lyophilized probiotic yeast engineered to treat specific diseases. 2) The capsule is designed to release the live probiotic yeast in the small intestine where they act as micro-factories making therapeutic proteins. 3) In the case of inflammatory diseases, yeast  produces antibodies to sequester and inactivate inflammatory mediators at the site of inflammation. 4) Colonic inflammation is suppressed by the actions of both therapeutic proteins and probiotics and normal gut microbiota is restored.

About FZata    

FZata (www.fzata.com) is a biopharmaceutical company, focused on developing oral live biologic-based preventive and therapeutic medicines. FZata has deep know-how in developing multi-specific antibodies and probiotic yeast engineering. The Company owns two proprietary platforms; one to generate humanized multi-valent antibodies and another to engineer probiotic live yeast for localized delivery of recombinant biologic therapeutics to treat gastrointestinal related diseases.

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