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Flexible and dynamic solutions

Work is dynamic. Hiring is dynamic. And so is the Talent Lab. No matter what milestone you’re working toward or what project you’re working on, the Talent Lab provides a flexible and dynamic talent solution as unique as you.

New to Biotech &
Recent Grads

From internships to apprenticeships and new graduates to those transitioning from the military or another field, BioBuzz and the Talent Lab are thrilled to provide a better pathway into the biotech industry. Access skills-based opportunities in addition to ongoing upskilling and reskilling programs from our partners.

Experienced Professionals

Pre-qualified life science talent that’s ready to work a variety of roles.

  • Part-time
  • Project
  • Contract work
  • Full-time direct hire

Consultants &
Fractional Execs

Companies large and small face challenges finding the specialized experts they need to move their work and/or organization forward. Our network of vetted executive-level talent and subject matter experts can help you fill a fractional role, support a consulting project, or place a Board vacancy.


Changing the way life sciences works

We’re not just another job board. We’re a talent marketplace.

More Efficient

Our technology and our team are putting in the work so you don’t have to. The Talent Lab will match talent with opportunities in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. All while placing talent at the center of the equation.

More Flexible

The life sciences industry is milestone-based. It’s time that a hiring platform accurately reflects that. Hire and match for temporary, project-based, part-time, and recurring FTE roles with ease.

More Equitable

A resume isn’t all that. But tell us something we don’t know. The Talent Lab creates a level playing field and gives equal access with a skills-based approach. All while providing a plethora of upskilling and re-skilling opportunities for that role right now… and 10 years from now.

More Talent

BioBuzz is a career long destination for the life sciences. We leverage the power of our platform to attract, engage, and better connect both active and passive talent with opportunities while tapping in to hidden talent pipelines.


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Top companies trust BioBuzz

Top life science employers have leveraged the power of BioBuzz for 14+ years to attract talent through our employer branding and recruitment marketing. Now they are leveraging BioBuzz’s hiring platform to find and hire top talent directly.

The Buzz

My experience with Chris and Cat could not have been more positive. The BioBuzz Talent Lab was very user-friendly. Chris and Cat were very responsive and the process was incredibly smooth. Within just a couple weeks of engaging with BioBuzz I was starting a role with one of their clients. Their dedication to our region's life sciences industry is evident in the strong relationships they have built with both company and employee clients. I would highly recommend them and the Talent Lab to anyone interested in new opportunities.

Denny S.

Startegic Advisor + Consultant

In my role as an HR leader I've needed to recruit some really hard to fill positions and I've always reached out to BioBuzz because I get such great, qualified candidates. They really know the market, the area, and what each individual employer needs.

Karen H.

Fractional HR

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and lost in the cloud of many available headhunting websites, often clicking and never hearing back. Not only does the Talent Lab specialize in life science positions, but its approach is more specific and personal. From the perspective of those looking for work, filling out the value proposition and target projects puts you in front of the right employers looking for your experience, skill set, and most importantly, work that you would enjoy. The Talent Lab realizes that matchmaking is a two way street, even, or especially in the workplace.

Sami K.

Biotech and AI Consultant

Lean running companies cannot afford the expense to find optimal expertise or take the risk of hiring the wrong talent which can create a "Valley of Death" for young companies when they need assistance the most.

John T.

Fractional CEO