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Greater Philadelphia Life Sciences Incubators Cheat Sheet for Entrepreneurs

The Philadelphia life sciences cluster is booming across multiple sectors. The ecosystem is anchored by some 50 cell and gene therapy companies, which has earned Philadelphia the nickname “Cellicon Valley.” The Philadelphia biocluster also boasts approximately 78,000 life sciences professionals, $1B in NIH funding, a vibrant university system, including the University of Pennsylvania, and 38 colleges with life sciences-related degrees that are building up the biocluster’s workforce.

All of the ingredients are there for the Philadelphia biohub to build on its success and continue to grow, including a robust system of incubators and accelerators that are helping entrepreneurs start and grow new and emerging life sciences companies. 

Because life sciences incubators and accelerators are an often under-celebrated factor in the emergence of a top biocluster, the BioBuzz team created this incubator cheat sheet to give these critically important organizations some well-deserved love and attention. Here are a few Philadelphia life sciences incubators that every entrepreneur should know.


Cira Centre, Schuylkill Yards, Philadelphia, 2929 Arch Street, 19104 PA

B.Labs is a brand new Philadelphia life sciences incubator for startups and emerging life sciences companies that is supported by another important incubator, the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center (PABC). The incubator offers flexible innovation and research space that includes 50,000 square feet of plug-and-play labs, offices and meeting spaces within the Cira Center located in the Schuylkill Yards neighborhood of University City, Philadelphia. Cira Center has ample parking, is close to the airport and has a direct connection to the Amtrak Station. 

In addition to the site amenities, B.labs offers world-class networking opportunities, a host of programs and advisory services as well as venture capital/funding connections. 

Application Requirements: 
Startup, emerging life sciences companies; contact for details

415-542-6704 or email Matthew Burkhardt at [email protected] 

Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center (PBAC)

3805 Old Easton Rd, Doylestown, PA 18902

Established by the Hepatitis B Foundation in 2006, The PBAC is a nonprofit life sciences incubator-accelerator. The PBAC recently completed a $20M facility expansion that increased its size to 150,000 square feet and solidified its reputation as one of the most successful incubators in the U.S. According to PBAC’s research, the incubator has contributed over $&B into the Pennsylvania economy since its launch. The PBAC is managed by the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute and is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 

The incubator offers early stage biotech companies access to state-of-the-art labs and office space to some 40 small to midsize early stage science, research and pharma/biotech companies. 

According to the PBAC, “The center uses a highly successful services-based approach to nurture and guide its member companies to success, advancing biotechnology, maximizing synergies among nonprofit scientists and their commercial colleagues, and launching new ideas and discoveries that will make a difference.”

Application Requirements: 
Midsize to early-stage biotech companies; contact for details

215-589-6300 or email [email protected]

Cambridge Innovation Center

University Science Center, 3675 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

The Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), located in University City, Philadelphia, is not exclusively a life sciences incubator. However, it plays an important role in developing and providing resources to life sciences entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a company.

The CIC Philadelphia location opened in 2018; this coworking space includes the CIC Labs+ Innovation Campus, which is leading-edge lab space between 100 and 900 square feet for one to 40. This makes the CIC Labs+ the world’s largest shared commercial lab space, per  the CIC. Also according to CIC, “…resident companies have raised over $1.66B in funding and have been granted 65+ patents. Not only are these companies changing the world with their science, but they’ve also added 240+ jobs to the Philadelphia economy.”

Application Requirements: 
Contact for more information


The Pennovation Lab

Pennovation Works Lab Building, 3401 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia PA, 19146

The Pennovation Lab is located within the Pennovation Works site at the University of Pennsylvania. The Pennovation Lab Building is a 65,000 square feet of scientifically advanced, multi-tenant laboratory and office space located within Pennovation Works. The Pennovation Lab building includes wet and dry labs and office/lab spaces in 2,000 to 12,000 square foot modules. The lab building is also close to the Pennovation Center and other research facilities, creating valuable proximity for the young life sciences companies that call the Pennovation Lab home.

The Pennovation Lab is for emerging companies that have advanced beyond an incubator or accelerator and that have secured some level of funding. 

Application Requirements: 
Early stage funding acquired; contact for more details

[email protected]

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Building 100 Innovation Center, 4801 South Broad St., Suite 200, The Navy Yard, Philadelphia, PA 19112

Founded in 1983, Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP) is an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. The BFTP has a highly successful and long track record of supporting early stage technology companies with funding opportunities, business and technical expertise as well as access to a large network of industry partners and experts. 

The BFTP has four regional headquarters and ten satellite offices, including a location in Philadelphia. According to the organization’s website, the “BFTP is proud of the 3.6-to-1 return on investment that the organization has yielded for every state dollar invested. More important (sic), BFTP is honored to have played a role in supporting the thousands of entrepreneurs who have claimed their part of the American dream and in turn created tens of thousands of family-sustaining jobs.”

Since 1989, according to BFTP sources, the organization has created approximately 51,000 jobs in client firms and an additional 89,000 jobs that were the result of spending by client firms. 

Application Requirements: 
Technology-focused business with differentiated tech; strong growth potential and governance; can match Ben Franklin’s investment with other funding sources

Scott D. Nissenbaum, President & CEO, (215) 972-6700 or email [email protected]

The Innovation Center at Eagleview

The Innovation Center at Eagleview (ICE) supports small life science and biotech companies by providing flexible space options and entrepreneurs and their companies. ICE is located in suburban Chester County, PA and offers its tenants short term, flexible leases, instant office or laboratory space for one to 15 people, presentation-ready conference and meeting rooms and a generally creative and dynamic environment with peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

The ICE offers 17,000 square feet of lab space and 23,000 square feet of office space located within the 800 acre mixed-use Eagleview community. The ICEis sponsored by The Hankin Group in collaboration with the Chester County Economic Development Council and The Ideas x Innovation Network.

Application Requirements: 
Contact the Hankin Group for more details

610-458-1900 or visit

BioLabs at the Curtis Center

601 Walnut St, Suite 715, Philadelphia, PA 19106

BioLabs at the Curtis Center is the product of BioLabs, a global leader in lab design and operation. The Curtis Center location is home to a BioLabs Graduate Location and state-of-the-art lab facility. The location offers 1,000 to 2,000 square foot lab and office spaces that include ready-to-go lab suites; onsite scientific and concierge services; hazardous waste disposal; remote temperature tracking; a centralized purchasing system; access to leading industry patterns and a vast network of business leaders in the biotech and pharma industry. 

A brand new incubator space at BioLabs Philadelphia will open in 2023, according to BioLabs. When the incubator comes online BioLabs Philadelphia at the Curtis Center will offer, according to BioLabs, “…end-to-end support to the best biotech companies in the ecosystem: from one bench, through private labs and graduate suites, and on through ongoing support services for graduate companies. All on flexible terms, with the best scientists in the business supporting your company’s rapid growth.

Application Requirements: 
Contact for more details; apply here

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