Philadelphia’s Talent Pipeline Collaborative Readies Region For Cell And Gene Therapy Job Growth

Built on the foundation of solid research and thoughtful planning, the Philly region is preparing to fuel the growth of their world-leading cell and gene therapy industry and overcome future challenges that other regions have yet to address.

“The strategic and well-researched approach that the Philadelphia region is taking to ensuring the success of the rapidly growing Cell and Gene Therapy industry is a model that other regional economies can learn from,” shared Chris Frew, CEO of life science talent solutions firm, Workforce Genetics & President of BioBuzz Media. “The foresight and early investment in talent development may be one of the most important factors that sustain the momentum the region has already achieved.”

The following op-ed, originally posted on, was written by CEO Council Executive Director Claire Greenwood and Patricia Day, Manager, Leadership Engagement, Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.  On the heels of a 2020 study predicting substantial job growth in the cell and gene therapy sector in Greater Philadelphia, industry leaders in our

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