[Podcast] Grow Your Career in Biotech with Chris Frew

There are some people who you meet that simply stand out as someone who is doing what they truly love. Melissa Lawrence is one of those people. 

What’s extra awesome about Melissa is that she found out that what she loves most is helping other people to discover what they love, and how to build their career around it.  After a successful career in Training and Human Resources(HR) at companies like Emergent BioSolutions and AstraZeneca, Melissa started her own coaching firm – Melissa Lawrence Coaching.

Melissa invited me onto her podcast, ‘Navigatingn Your Career’, to talk about one of my favorite topics – How to Grow your Career in Biotech.

A few of the key topics we cover include, understanding the barriers that you may face if you’re shifting careers and looking to get into the industry (moving from academia into biotech, for example) and the challenges you may have both as an outsider and as an insider once you’re already within the company.

We also talk about the unique culture of the biotech industry, including progress made in diversity, equity, and inclusion but also what challenges still exist in working in an industry that lacks leadership diversity. I hope that you appreciate our candid conversation on how to make progress toward a truly inclusive and equitable industry.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to enter and move between academia, biotech and big pharma
  • Tips for advancing your career internally, even in the most competitive environments
  • How to discover your zone of genius and things to consider when trying to identify your next career move
  • Your personal brand, why it matters, and how to get noticed

I hope that you enjoy the podcast! 

Listen via the link below.


Read the full article at: melissamlawrence.com