PQE Announcement – PQE Group Opens Office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

PQE Group is excited to announce the expansion of the PQE Group team with the inauguration of PQE Canada and the recent opening of their newest office in Montreal.

This latest facility will offer significant advantages to their team by allowing them to provide enhanced services to their current and prospective clients across various areas in Canada. Greater Montreal is one of the leading life sciences regions along North America’s east coast, with universities and leading hospitals as well as life sciences companies that boast an entrepreneurial mindset. Quebec serves as a regional center for the development and acceleration of AI, signifying society’s capacity to shape the future. Canada’s highly skilled workforce and leadership in the global AI landscape, especially in terms of research quality, talent pool, and AI innovation contributions, have been a source of inspiration for us. All of this has created recent significant growth in the sector.  

PQE Group recognized that investing in this dynamic city was an important next step in its global expansion, adding Montreal to its list of office locations in North America which include San Diego, CA; Rockville, MD; Boston, MA; Raleigh, NC; Buffalo, NY; and Chicago, IL. PQE also has offices in South and Latin America, Asia, Australia, and Europe, as PQE was established in Tuscany, Italy 25 years ago. 

PQE’s goal for this new office is to bring its global resources to support the continued growth and innovation of Montreal-based and other Canadian life science businesses. PQE Group already works with companies in Ontario via the US, and the close proximity of its Montreal office to Ontario, which borders Quebec to the west, will enhance those capabilities. In addition, a strong emphasis will be placed on supporting medical device and startup companies. PQE is currently engaged with life sciences organizations in Canada, and we are confident that our commitment to a local office will strengthen these relationships. 

The primary focus for this new office will be on innovation for life science companies in Canada, and we are proud to be a part of a team that supports innovation and undertakings that go beyond borders.

To learn more, and to meet the PQE Team, visit Exhibit Booth #34 at the PDA FDA Joint Regulatory Conference in Washington, DC September 18-20 and the Whiskey A Go-Go networking event on September 19.  

For more information, please visit www.pqegroup.com or contact Michael Bohl at [email protected].


PQE Group, Inc. is a leading 9001-certified technology solutions provider for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, with a global presence and expertise in regulatory and compliance.

Established in 1998, PQE is recognized as a women-owned Contract Quality Organization and Complete Quality Solution provider for GCP, GLP, GMP & GDP in the Life Sciences, specializing in Regulatory Affairs and Strategy, Quality Compliance, Third Party Audits, Data Integrity Assurance, Digital Governance, Commissioning, Qualification and Engineering, and Laboratory Excellence. The company website at www.pqegroup.com highlights our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in addition to the successful completion of 15,000+ projects. 

PQE Group is dedicated to creating value for its customers by putting its multidisciplinary teams and knowledge at their service, allowing clients to achieve and maintain compliance standards with the latest regulations and contributing to creating safe and efficacious medical device and pharmaceutical products for patients worldwide. 

PQE employs 2000+ professional Subject Matter Experts and services 1400+ medical device and pharmaceutical clients in 40+ office locations worldwide. PQE Group, Inc. delivers turnkey quality solutions while focusing on exceptional cost-effectiveness and efficiency. PQE has a proven track record managing large multi-site projects as well as small, medium, and startup pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clients. PQE’s global imprint allows for a “Glocal” approach which is focused on utilizing local support to achieve global success.