5 Tips for PhD Students and Postdocs to Help Land that Non-Academic Job

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As years went by, I started to realize that there was a whole world of opportunities for PhDs beyond the bench – careers that were just as intellectually stimulating and still scratched that scientific itch without ever having to pick up a pipette. However, the road to reach these careers was a bit foggier compared to academia. Did I need to do a postdoc? How important are publications? How do I make myself stand out?

Mission, Purpose, and Reducing Human Suffering Propel American Gene Technologies Forward

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Rockville, Maryland’s American Gene Technologies (AGT) is on a mission to cure HIV. And they just achieved another important milestone in that potentially groundbreaking journey.

In early November 2021, the company announced that the third patient in its first-in-human study for AGT103-T, a cell therapy for HIV, had been dosed with no serious adverse events. This latest milestone achievement moves the company and its team another step closer to curing HIV and making history.

Are You a Veteran on the Job Market? A Biotech Career Could Be the Perfect Fit

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The solution to finding a career with similar purpose and meaning could await you in the life sciences industries, where we don’t make widgets. We make products that save, protect, enhance, and empower people every day, and we need veterans in our workforce to be successful.

Women in Bio Prepares Researchers for Career Transitions to Industry

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Women In Bio is an organization of professionals committed to promoting women’s careers, leadership, and entrepreneurship in the life sciences.  Since 2002, this organization has served as a community representing one of the fastest-growing and most influential organizations for women in life sciences. Women In Bio currently boasts 13 chapters throughout North America, led by more than 600 volunteers and a membership base of over 3,000. WIB members belong to biotech and pharma companies, universities and institutes, law and accounting firms, marketing, PR firms, CROs, and CMOs, among other careers. Women in Bio-Capital Region is the local chapter for professionals in the BioHealth Capital Region.

CaroElise Ataku: Driven by a Shared Purpose in Producing Personalized Cell Therapies to Fight Cancer

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Kite specializes in personalized chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies for the treatment of certain blood cancers and CTSs play a critical role in the process that develops those therapies. Each day, a CTS receives batches of patient cells in their own hands, with each batch representing a new patient. Most of these patients have already exhausted other treatment options. The patient focus and the company’s mission to get these therapies to the people who need them most is the foundation of employees’ day-to-day work.

Georgetown University Academy for Transferable Management Skills Provides Project Management Tools

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In the pursuit of scientific knowledge, some skills essential to managing projects are overlooked by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows as they pursue academic success. However, these project management skills can be highly prized by future employers, either public or private institutions.

To address this sometimes lacking skillset, Georgetown University Biomedical Graduate Education launched a pilot program to teach these vital tools to postdoctoral fellows. Through the Office of Postdoctoral Development and Training Grant Support, the university launched the Academy for Transferable Management Skills (ATMS) with pilot funding from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. The ATMS curriculum was put together by experienced industry professionals in order to benefit future generations of biomedical trainees.

A Purpose-Driven Job Search Can Help You Land Your Dream Position

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We’ve all heard of attempting to live a purpose-driven life, but what about conducting a purpose-driven job search? The ongoing pandemic has untethered many job candidates from prior geographic and job requirement constraints, leaving many with new priorities around what an ideal new job should be.

Frederick Community College Develops Industry-oriented Pipeline Programs for Talent Recruitment

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We previously highlighted the need for industry-academia partnerships to recruit and retain talent in the BioHealth Capital Region. As qualified life sciences job candidates continue to be in high demand in the region, institutes such as Frederick Community College (FCC)  have stepped up to the plate to help fill the local talent pipeline and diversify the next generation of the workforce.