John Gustin Joins CSSi LifeSciences As Associate Director of Commercial Development

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John Gustin Joins CSSi LifeSciences As Associate Director of Commercial Development. His role will involve managing clients’ projects, which include regulatory filings and commercial planning.  Also, he will be connecting clients with strategic partners, such as investors or distributors.  Internally, he will be building out CSSi’s project management processes to assist in the scaling of the company

Celebrating Pride Month and the LGBTQIA+ Community

PRIDE in Life Sciences
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BioBuzz is built on community. For Pride Month we reached out to several friends old and new asking them to share their story. Read on to learn about each of these people and their unique LGBTQIA+ experience. We appreciate their time and willingness to contribute.

Ernesto P. Chanona, Ph.D. Joins CSSi LifeSciences As Director of Business Development

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Ernesto P. Chanona, Ph.D. has joined CSSi LifeScience as Director of Business Development. His role will be to find opportunities by developing strategic partnerships with innovation hubs, incubators, entrepreneurs, government agencies, and academic researchers. Some of the company’s clients are overseas, so he will be contributing to the relationship management of their global government partners. Internally, he will be part of the marketing and operations teams, helping to shape the company’s message and helping to grow the business development department.