LucasPye BIO CEO Dr. Tia Lyles-Williams Ready to Support White House Biomanufacturing Initiative

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Dr. Tia Lyles-Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Philadelphia-based LucasPye Bio (LPB), a biologics contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), is ready to embrace the work ahead in order to expand opportunities for her company, as well as for other biomanufacturing organizations across the country.

C-Suite Women in Greater Philly’s Life Science Scene You Should Know

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As long overdue change takes shape and the number of women in the biotech industry continues to grow, it is important to recognize those that have created the path for the next generation of diverse leaders. BioBuzz wishes to acknowledge the incredible contributions and efforts of women who have made their mark on the industry. 

Could Philadelphia Become a Destination for Equity-Minded Life Sciences Training?

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Philadelphia has seen a 127% increase in cell and gene therapy employment since 2019.
That eye-popping stat comes from the University City Science Center’s 2022 report Greater Philadelphia Cell and Gene Therapy Workforce Update, a follow up to the 2020 Cell and Gene Therapy and Connected Health Workforce Analysis study. It translates to potentially thousands of open roles in the region known by the branding obsessed as Cellicon Valley.
And yet, that stat doesn’t necessarily mean Philadelphians in need of wages that would support a higher quality of life are trained for those available life science jobs — or even know they exist.
A Friday morning panel called “Workforce Development in the Life Sciences: Building Skills, Diversity and Education in Philadelphia and Beyond” during the 2022 B.PHL Innovation Fest dove into the barriers and opportunities for the life science industry’s workforce.
Phil Brooks, director of STEM workforce partnerships at the Science Center, and Tia Lyles-Williams, founder and CEO of both LucasPye Bio and HelaPlex, both sat on the panel moderated by Lauren Swartz, president and CEO of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.
Brooks’ work centers on exposure to professional opportunities through workforce development programs. Lyles-Williams said HelaPlex, a forthcoming Philly life…

White House Summit on Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing

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The White House Summit on
Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing will include three (3) sessions, where participants will exchange views on the opportunities for biotechnology and biomanufacturing to advance the American economy and U.S. global leadership in this critical technology.

How Life Sciences Companies Can Successfully Execute and Sustain Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Initiatives

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The life sciences industry is booming in our region and globally, which has put the need for more biotech talent in the spotlight. This urgent need for talent has finally made diversity and inclusion part of every discussion about talent acquisition and workforce development. Companies large and small are starting to take action to ensure their workforce demographics are right-sized to match a diverse workforce population. 

LucasPye and IndyGeneUS AI Forge Partnership To Address Drug Development and the African Diaspora

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Over the years, minority input in the clinical development of life-saving drugs has been lacking, particularly when it comes to clinical trial participation. That has led to disparities in the efficacy of medications when taken by minority

Philadelphia-based LucasPye Bio announces first contract manufacturing partnership

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LucasPye Bio, a Philadelphia biologics contract development and manufacturing organization, has formed a partnership with Africa-based genomics company IndyGeneUS AI aimed at advancing targeted therapeutics focused on health disparities.

Celebrating Pride Month and the LGBTQIA+ Community

PRIDE in Life Sciences
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BioBuzz is built on community. For Pride Month we reached out to several friends old and new asking them to share their story. Read on to learn about each of these people and their unique LGBTQIA+ experience. We appreciate their time and willingness to contribute.

Seven Successful BioHealth Companies Led by African-American Entrepreneurs and Industry Leaders

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As we noted in our previous story, “Diversity in Biotech, Industry’s Next Big Challenge,” there is a deep, rich, underappreciated history of African-American innovation in the life sciences and STEM fields.