5 Tips for PhD Students and Postdocs to Help Land that Non-Academic Job

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As years went by, I started to realize that there was a whole world of opportunities for PhDs beyond the bench – careers that were just as intellectually stimulating and still scratched that scientific itch without ever having to pick up a pipette. However, the road to reach these careers was a bit foggier compared to academia. Did I need to do a postdoc? How important are publications? How do I make myself stand out?

5 Questions with Geeta Peverada, Ph.D., P.M.P., Program Manager, Quality Control at Catalent Pharma Solutions

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Geeta Peverada is a highly motivated, data-driven, and goal-oriented program management professional with over 12 years of experience in cancer research and gene therapy. She is bridging the gap between science and business through her expertise in client management and scientific knowledge. Her analytical, leadership, and management expertise has led to strengthened client partnerships at her current organization, Catalent Pharma Solutions.

Women In Bio Diversifies More Than 100 Life Science Boardrooms

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Executive Women In Bio (EWIB), a Women In Bio (WIB) initiative, celebrates a milestone year in 2021 with the 100th Boardroom Ready Alumnae appointment to a corporate board in the life science industry. This year alone, more than 40 appointments took place, totaling 112 placements since the program’s inception. Boardroom Ready is an award-winning executive development platform designed to fuel women’s participation on corporate boards. 

Women In Bio Elects Dr. Azurii Collier as 2022 President-Elect

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Women In Bio (WIB), a national organization of professionals committed to promoting the careers, leadership and entrepreneurship of all women in the life sciences, has elected Dr. Azurii Collier of the Greater Chicago area as the 2022 National President-Elect. Collier currently serves as the WIB-National Sponsorship Committee Chair and previously served as WIB-National Sponsorship Committee Co-Chair and as an active member of Women In Bio for six years.

5 Questions With Maya Yovcheva, Scientist III at Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Maya Yovcheva is an R&D scientist with more than ten years of experience in cell biology, protein expression, and product development. She has been a product development scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific for six years, developing novel tools and platforms for protein expression and viral vector production. Her work has led to the launch of a new platform for baculovirus-based protein expression in insect cells. Maya holds a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and a Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology.

Women in Bio Celebrates 20 years and Foundational Roots in the DC area

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ctober 2021, A 2020 survey conducted by BIO found that in the 100 biotech companies surveyed, women made up nearly half of total employees, but accounted for only 31% of executives and 23% of CEOs. Women’s representation suffers a steep decline in leadership positions across the life sciences, and the gap only widens for women of color.
When Lynn Johnson Langer and Debra Bowes, started their careers in the life sciences they both knew that gender diversity was rare, and even scarcer as women entrepreneurs. “Networking events I attended were mainly comprised of men. There were no opportunities to talk with women about their experiences and career opportunities,” said Johnson Langer.
This started to change in 2001, thanks to four women from the BioHealth Capital Region who came together to form a networking group for women entrepreneurs in life sciences across the region. From this idea, Women In Bio (WIB) was born – WIB is a professional organization with the mission of promoting the careers, leadership, and entrepreneurship of all women in the life sciences. This local grass roots organization, grew quickly over its first 10 years, blossoming to 250 members across the region.