Zephyr AI and KangarooHealth Forge Remote Patient Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence Partnership

By Alex Keown
March 20, 2023

Virginia-based Zephyr AI and California’s KangarooHealth, Inc. entered into a strategic agreement to provide clinician support with an artificial intelligence-assisted remote patient monitoring platform in order to improve treatment decisions for chronic patients.

The multi-year strategic partnership will combine Zephyr AI’s industry-leading machine learning technology with KangarooHealth’s proprietary remote monitoring platform. The two companies aim to use the combined platforms to predict and prevent adverse outcomes for patients diagnosed with chronic conditions.

Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed in the announcement.

Zephyr AI launched in 2021 with a mission to redefine personalized medicine and improve patient outcomes. Supported by a financing round of $18.5 million in seed funding last year, Zephyr’s artificial intelligence technology is capable of curating massive healthcare datasets in order to generate novel, translatable insights that will be used to build tools and products supporting patient healthcare.

Additionally, the company is using its technology to improve biomarker discovery. The AI platform will improve patient selection for clinical trials. The platform can match patients to therapeutics based on their specific disease characteristics.

KangarooHealth’s comprehensive monitoring platform integrates with more than 100 different connected devices, such as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors and other wearable technologies. That platform and its compatible integrations is expected to accelerate Zephyr AI’s existing machine learning capabilities and enable clinicians to better predict and prevent adverse outcomes. The company said its platform aims to upend the traditional “guess and test” drug development and personalized medicine processes in drug development.

David L. Morgan II, chief executive officer of Zephyr AI, called the partnership potential “tremendous.” He said the collaboration will ultimately provide treating clinicians with clearer insight that will enable them to anticipate and address needs of patients. Morgan said the collaboration will also lead to improved delivery of personalized treatment decisions and “ultimately improve individual health outcomes, and that service comes with the added benefit of reducing the total cost of care to the overall system.”

Xiaoxu Kang, KangarooHealth’s founder, and CEO said the collaboration between the companies will create a new dynamic in patient care.

“By combining accurate patient insights that have been generated using smart biometric devices with the ability to predict the trajectory of an illness, we aim to deliver physicians a list of options to identify warning signs and plan into early intervention opportunities for mitigating adverse events, thereby significantly helping prevent catastrophic outcomes,” Kang said in a statement.