Entry Level to Senior Leader in Biotech: Career Women Becoming Fearless

Podcast Series Showcases Stories of Career Women Becoming Fearless.

Are you looking to move into a leadership position?

If so, this podcast is a must-listen for you. The podcast, ‘Career Women Becoming Fearless’, is hosted by Melissa Lawrence (She/Her), Certified Career Coach, and former Associate Director, Talent and Development at AstraZeneca.

In this episode, Melissa talks to Ellen Lawrence, Director of Analytical Development with Emergent BioSolutions. Ellen has a unique career journey from an entry-level tech/scientist to building a career with Emergent, rising the ranks to a senior leader as a Director within the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry.

I personally found this to be such an insightful discussion in which Ellen revealed some valuable lessons that she learned along her journey. She overcame some challenges that I am 100% positive that many others also face and can relate to.

Listen in for an inspiring conversation and learn:

  • What challenges Ellen experienced while building her career
  • What it was like to advance as a woman in the LGBTQ+ community
  • Her advice for women who want to transition from individual contributor to people manager
  • How her views on management have changed
  • The one thing she wish she would have known when growing her career
  • Her management style and unique view on development

and so much more….

If you are looking to develop your career in biotech and gain valuable advice for breaking into leadership, this is a must listen.

Listen online or on your favorite podcast app:

You can learn more about Melissa and her Career Coaching at https://melissamlawrence.com