If you haven’t followed FITCI lately, you’re missing out.  Under a new CEO, Kathie Callahan Brady, FITCI is foraging a new mold for incubation and the entrepreneurial community in Frederick.

One recent program they have launched is a new video interview series, In The Trenches, with FITCI advisors where they dig into their stories and uncover the interesting aspects of their business that have made them successful.  They also share some of the struggles they encountered as they developed and grew to the leaders they are today.

Recently, Brady hosted RoosterBio founder and CTO, Jon Rowley for a very interesting conversation about what makes their Stem Cell Manufacturing company so unique, and the mission they are out to achieve.  Rowley is not only one of the region’s most exciting entrepreneurs, but he’s also one of the most engaged as well. “It’s very important to be part of the community. I’m happy to do anything I can do to make Frederick better,” shared Rowly who is highly regarded for how involved he is with the community.

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