Meet Your 2023 John Holaday Leadership Award Finalists for the BioHealth Capital Region 

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In honor of the late John Holaday, Ph.D., a luminary in the fields of science, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and community leadership, the ‘John Holaday’ BioHealth Leadership Award stands as a beacon recognizing those who embody his guiding principle — “do well by doing good.” Meet the 2023 finalists, nominated by YOU. 

Forbes 50 Over 50 Female Visionaries: Two MD Biotech CEOs Honored

Forbes recently honored two Maryland biotech CEOs
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Forbes recently honored two Maryland biotech CEOs, naming them to the 50 Over 50 list of female visionaries. The local awardees are Helen Sabzevari of Precigen and Carol Nacy of Sequella. Sabzevari focuses on cancer treatment, and Nacy battles tuberculosis.