GSK Opens New Vaccine R&D Facility in Rockville, Maryland

A Global Pharmaceutical Company Excited to Join Maryland Biotech Community

December 15, 2016

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) officially opened their state of the art R&D facility in Rockville, MD this week to cement their commitment to pioneering vaccine development in the United States. The occasion was celebrated with remarks expressing a shared gratitude and focus on innovation. GSK’s CEO, Sir Andrew Witty, and other company executives expressed their excitement to join a vibrant biotech community as they become another major anchor company within the Biohealth Capital Region.

As Sir Witty put it, “one of the best perks of being a biotech company in Maryland is the fantastic neighbors right around the corner.” Along with other vaccine research and development leaders like MedImmune, Emergent, PATH and NIH, as well as emerging companies like Novavax, Aeras, Sanaria and many more, GSK joins a Maryland region that is becoming the vaccine alley that leads straight to the FDA at the end of the block.

Sir Andrew Witty charges the scientists at the GSK's new vaccine facility to change the world with their research.
Sir Andrew Witty charges the scientists at the GSK’s new vaccine facility to change the world with their research.

Lieutenant Governor, Boyd Rutherford, reciprocated those messages of gratitude and emphasized how Maryland is bio-rich with great partners who are ready step up and welcome GSK to the neighborhood. Tours of the labs and fireside chats with GSK scientists and innovators were a welcoming way to show the company’s intention of connecting with the greater Maryland biotech industry, as well as the American scientific network. 

Looking forward, GSK hopes to become a leader in the region and placed a emphasis on their commitment to foster a culture built on the foundation of innovation and new ideas. With plans to hire over 200 new employees and ramp up their research efforts in a Zika virus vaccine and bio-preparedness, GSK is setting goals to continue to lead the charge in cutting edge vaccine research. Their commitment to innovation, combined with the robust talent pool and valuable resources at their disposal in the BioHealth Capital Region is sure to be a winning recipe for success and a model for the future.

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