Workforce Genetics Welcomes Jake Thomas as the New Director of Employer Brand & Talent Communities

Workforce Genetics welcomes Jake Thomas as the new Director of Employer Brand & Talent Communities. Jake will be responsible for growing highly engaged professional communities through BioBuzz that create value for both the community participants and for the biotech and life science companies that we support.  Through this new role, BioBuzz will seek to promote better sharing of information across the industry by fostering meaningful affinity groups that promote broader conversations and become an equitable, altruistic, and exciting place for professionals from all walks of life to access career opportunities in the life science industry.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Jake to the team. His passion for evolving the talent landscape is evident in all he does. Curious, thoughtful, strategic, and capable are a few words that highlight his strengths. Jake’s drive is going to make an immediate impact in our work. We’re excited to challenge the traditional talent paradigm with unique talent community solutions that can strengthen the industry and are grateful to have him join our leadership.”

Adam Van Bavel, Head of Marketing and Business Development, BioBuzz

Jake’s background includes building diverse teams that take on complex problems, promoting engaging cultures where people feel comfortable to share innovative ideas, and helping professionals and companies uncover the value that they can provide one another to benefit a greater good—whether it’s creating compelling products and services or taking on pressing issues in surrounding communities.

“I could not be more excited to step into an industry that has a clear connection to such a noble mission, creating better health outcomes for communities and environments all over the world. I have loved every step of my journey and there was always an underlying sense of purpose tied to helping people, but no industry is as personal to me as  life sciences.” Thomas shared. 

As someone that comes from a family with a deep scientific curiosity and reverence for life in all its forms, Jake knows he’s making his loved ones proud. He also shared that, “Companies in this space are only as good as the talented people rowing in the same direction; the ones that take a good idea from a white board all the way to the production line creating sophisticated solutions for clients and customers to improve their lives”. 

“With the hiring of Jake, we are affirming our commitment to being a community-based organization and developing workforce solutions that meet the unique talent needs of our specialized industry, shared Chris Frew, CEO of Workforce Genetics. “We see BioBuzz talent communities as an opportunity to democratize access to high-paying biotech careers while providing companies with a platform to access a qualified talent pool. With Jake’s very unique background that blends Talent Acquisition and employer branding and his passion for making a difference, there was never a question that Jake was the right person to lead this mission for us.”

Chris Frew, CEO, Workforce Genetics

Jake further stated, “It was an easy decision to join this fantastic team. Workforce Genetics is uniquely positioned to help those companies in a way that will allow them to further improve business outcomes in orders of magnitude that will really make the whole industry take notice.”

You can contact Jake directly at jake(@) or via LinkedIn.