How is Montgomery County Built for Bio? Get the Answers from These Life Sciences Execs

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Montgomery County is well known for many transformative firsts in life sciences. First to sequence the human genome; first gene therapy for sickle cell, first cell therapy for COVID-19 — and that’s just the start.* Montgomery County is an epicenter for translating knowledge into life-changing treatment and cures, with gene and cell therapies representing some of the most promising advancements in human health.

American Gene Technologies Launches “The Cure Chronicles” HIV Video Series

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“The Cure Chronicles” features thoughtful and compelling conversations with people in the HIV community. The video series launched in late March 2022 and can be found on AGT’s website and YouTube as well as other digital media platforms.

5 Questions With Prachi Narayan, M.D., Principal Scientist at American Gene Technologies

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Prachi Narayan has over 23+ years of professional experience in the medical and research field. She has a diverse foundation and background in research, private practice, and teaching at county colleges and Universities. Dr. Narayan was mostly in academia before switching gears, joining the corporate industry in early 2020. She worked for Johnson & Johnson and Merck before joining American Gene Technologies.

AGT, NextCure & Vita Therapeutics’s Douglas Falk Among MTC 2022 Industry Awards Finalists

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FREDERICK, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Maryland Tech Council is proud to announce the finalists for its annual Industry Awards Celebration. The event honors individuals and companies in the life sciences, technology, and government contracting industries that have made a significant impact in their respective fields. For the first time in two years, the awards ceremony will be held in person, with the winners announced live on May 12th at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. Last year over 9,000 people tuned in to the virtual Industry Awards Celebration. Click here to learn more about the event. 
“We are thrilled to be returning in person for this year’s Industry Awards. It’s a terrific opportunity to recognize our colleagues for their contributions over the past year, and there is no substitute for live events,” said IAC committee Co-Chair and Business Development Leader, Atlantic Region at BDO, Tony DeFlumeri.

Before You Accept the Job, Understand the Basics of Stock Options and Long Term Incentives

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With the abundance of job opportunities available, navigating the job market can surface many questions on which direction to take your career. Your job search may take you to an established commercial biopharma company that has already gone public and is a leader in their market, or you may want to join an early-stage biotech company that is backed by venture capital where you get to really roll up your sleeves and be part of building the business.

The Promise of Gene Therapy Offers More Hope for Rare Disease Cures in 2022

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While the field of gene therapy is still relatively new, it’s moving at a breakneck pace. In fact, 1,745 gene therapies are currently in development around the world! Technological advancements in gene editing, modulation, and replacement technologies have helped to advance this new breed of therapies, raising hope for cures for many of these rare diseases in the near future.

American Gene Technologies says clinical trial shows increases in immunity against HIV

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ROCKVILLE, Md. (7News) — There’s more good news in the fight to cure HIV.
American Gene Technologies says its clinical trial has resulted in more patients with substantial increases in virus-specific T-cells with immunity against HIV.
Progress in HIV cure: AGT hopes to have a ‘functionally cured patient by next summer’
“Now the question will be the very final step when we withdraw antiretroviral therapy, will it behave as we expect which is to take over viral suppression and these patients will not need to go back on their antiretroviral therapy again,” said CEO Jeff Galvin.
He says that process would start by the end of March at the earliest and he hopes to find out how successful it is by June.

Maryland Biotech Tax Credit sweetens the deal for investors while supporting its Life Sciences Ecosystem

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Maryland is one of the dominant life sciences ecosystems along the eastern seaboard and has become a leader in cell therapy and infectious disease research. Using its Biotechnology Investment Incentive Tax Credit, the state has been able to attract pharma companies large and small to set up shop within the borders of Maryland.

5 Questions With Luke Williams, Generalist at American Gene Technologies

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Luke lived a rather nomadic lifestyle before coming to AGT. As a military kid, he moved every couple of years, and he kept up that trend even after leaving home. His travels have taken all over the world in search of novel things to pique his curiosity. He firmly believes that chasing his curiosity, no matter where it led him, is what brought him to AGT. He has always been interested in the molecular mechanisms of life, with a particular focus on genetic engineering. In a snapshot, he likes to take creative angles on the design process, and he hopes to apply that approach to engineered algae, energy projects, and hopefully one day genetic medicine.