AGT’s HIV Cure Cell Therapy Clears First Safety Hurdle with DSMB Nod

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American Gene Technologies’ goal to develop a cure for HIV moved one step closer to reality. After infusing the first patient with its cell therapy candidate AGT103-T, the company announced the Data and Safety Monitoring Board unanimously supported the continuation of the clinical study without modification.

American Gene Technologies HIV Cure Program Releases Initial Clinical Trial Data

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American Gene Technologies (AGT) announced today that the Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) voted unanimously to continue AGT’s HIV cure program without modification, after safety analysis of the participant’s data revealed no adverse effects from the treatment. AGT’s Phase 1 trial of AGT103-T, a new cell and gene therapy for HIV disease, is designed to induce durable viral suppression by delivering therapeutic genes to the recipient’s immune cells. The cells are collected by leukapheresis, modified outside the body, then re-infused. Once infused, the cells are expected to durably suppress the virus at undetectable levels without the need for antiretroviral treatment.

First Participant Infused with Potential HIV Cure Enters Phase 1 Clinical Trials via American Gene Technologies AGT103-T

HIV Cure
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One year after receiving the green light from the FDA to initiate a Phase I study of an HIV gene therapy, American Gene Technologies (AGT) has infused the first patient. AGT103-T is designed as a cure for the disease that has wreaked havoc across the globe since the 1980s.

LGBT+ investment firm Gaingels joins American Gene Technologies’ mission to cure HIV, and other serious human diseases

LGBT+ investment firm Gaingels joins American Gene Technologies
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American Gene Technologies (AGT), an emerging gene and cell therapy company, announced today that Gaingels, a leading venture investment syndicate in service of the LGBT+ community and its allies, made an investment in AGT to support the Phase 1 clinical trial of an HIV cure. The Phase 1 human trial is investigating the safety of AGT103-T, a single dose, autologous cell therapy intended to cure the disease. This investment places Gaingels alongside private investors who believe deeply in AGT’s mission, rapid drug development platform, and gene and cell therapy programs for HIV, cancer, and PKU.

AGT’s Same-Day RT-PCR COVID-19 Testing Program is Helping People Safely Return to the Workplace

Same-Day RT-PCR COVID-19 Testing
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AGT’s new COVID-19 testing capability provides less expensive, more convenient, and highly accurate same-day COVID-19 to its own staff and the general public. RT-PCR testing is the “Gold Standard” of COVID-19 tests; AGT’s testing program was designed to help its employees and other local organizations’ staff return to and remain safe in the workplace.

Black Women In Bio Making an Impact

Black Women in Bio
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Its Women’s History Month and being on the heels of Black History Month, BioBuzz is highlighting three successful black women in industry to straddle the importance of both.

Cell and Gene Therapy’s Future a Complex Mix of Promise and Pitfalls

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At BioBuzz, we’ve written extensively about the promise of cell and gene therapeutics for both patients and the companies developing these revolutionary personalized medicines.

Six Biotechs to Watch in 2021

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2020 was an interesting year for the biotech industry and the BioHealth Capital Region as we adjusted to continue moving forward during the COVID-19 Pandemic. While the biggest stories in terms of dollars were related to the Coronavirus and funding to create a vaccine in record time, that didn’t stop other biotech companies from working hard to develop their research, science, and/or devices.

5 Questions With… 2020 Recap

5 Questions With 2020
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In 2020 we introduced a new series titled “5 Questions With…” in an effort to spotlight individuals from across the BioHealth Capital Region and beyond. Providing this platform has allowed us to help share the stories of industry peers and show that there isn’t a single “right” way to becoming an industry success.