American College of Clinical Pharmacology Advances Calls for Clinical Trial Diversity

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In January, ACCP published a paper that highlights the need for increased diversity in drug development. The paper, dubbed “The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Drug Development and Clinical Trial Conduct” recommends increasing efforts to recruit more trial patients from varying racial backgrounds.

To Improve Healthcare, Startup IndyGeneUS Is Building a More Equitable Genomic Data Repository

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To improve healthcare, startup IndyGeneUS is building a more equitable genomic data repository
Maryland founder Yusuf Henriques wants to make genomic data more accessible with his new startup. By Michaela Althouse / STAFF
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Yusuf Henriques believes our understanding of genes and medicine is incomplete without more people of color and women in clinical research trials.
(Image by Flickr user National Human Genome Research Institute, used via a Creative Commons license)
In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people picked up an indoor hobby or two. For DC founder Yusuf Henriques, it was hackathons.
At the time, Henriques co-created a virtual hackathon on racism and healthcare from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which led him to look closer at a particular aspect of healthcare.
“We started looking at the structural racism that has been built into the system, lack of access, not enough women and minorities in clinical trials,” Henriques told….

IndyGeneUS AI and the Blockchain-Secured Genomic Data Marketplace

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IndyGeneUS AI and the Blockchain-Secured Genomic Data Marketplace IndyGeneUS AI, which is harnessing the power of data mining and artificial intelligence to expedite the development and manufacturing of targeted therapeutics, [….]

Are Life Sciences Companies Going To Be Late To The Blockchain/Digital Assets Party?

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As of this week, there’s been heavy reporting that the Biden Administration has prepared new guidance on digital assets that could be released at any moment. Most of these reports suggest that the guidance will be centered around directing government agencies to study the potential benefits of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), or tokenized versions of the US Dollar ($USD). These CBDCs have the capability to be minted on-demand and are programmable based on monetary policy set by the Federal Reserve and other entities. There’s other uses when paired with other digital assets that have the potential to improve and modernize the global financial system. 

IndyGeneUS AI Pledges Whole Genome Sequencing of 2M Samples Through Partnership with Aurum Institute in South Africa

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IndyGeneUS AI, a leader in whole genome sequencing and machine learning-powered bioinformatics analysis secured a partnership with Global Health Innovations Ltd. and The Aurum Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa. Aurum is currently building a bio-repository to increase capacity to accommodate up to 2-million genetic samples.

LucasPye and IndyGeneUS AI Forge Partnership To Address Drug Development and the African Diaspora

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Over the years, minority input in the clinical development of life-saving drugs has been lacking, particularly when it comes to clinical trial participation. That has led to disparities in the efficacy of medications when taken by minority

Philadelphia-based LucasPye Bio announces first contract manufacturing partnership

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LucasPye Bio, a Philadelphia biologics contract development and manufacturing organization, has formed a partnership with Africa-based genomics company IndyGeneUS AI aimed at advancing targeted therapeutics focused on health disparities.