Gene therapy has arrived. What’s next?

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After decades of work, gene therapies promise a revolution in medicine. How can society figure out how to afford them? Join STAT reporters along with selected experts in the field to discuss their perspectives on this question. STAT Plus subscribers enjoy free access for themselves, and discounted tickets for their guests. Nonsubscribers can attend by [….]

JLABS @ Washington, DC | UnMasked: We All Breathe – A Film Exploring the Dark Truth Behind MDR TB

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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is in the news lately and for good reason. Diseases that were once easy to treat are becoming increasingly difficult to cure. But the largest contributor to AMR is a disease that rarely makes headlines – drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB), the world’s only airborne drug-resistant infection. DR-TB makes up a third of the [….]

JLABS @ Washington, DC | Meet with Johnson & Johnson Innovation

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Representatives from Johnson & Johnson Innovation will provide an overview of goals and mission, highlighting how Johnson & Johnson Innovation interacts with the entrepreneurial community through JLABS, JJDC, The Innovation Centers and Janssen Business & Development.

Bio Innovation Conference

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Presented by Maryland Life Sciences (MDLS), a division of the Maryland Tech Council, the Bio Innovation Conference showcases Maryland’s innovation and success in the life sciences industry. The Bio Innovation Conference will connect more than 300 top life sciences professionals in the region with leading global brands, venture capitalists and promising startups, while embracing the [….]

Top 10 U.S. Biopharma Clusters

Top 10 BioPharma Clusters
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Bruce Booth, D.Phil., a partner at Atlas Venture, astutely observed earlier this year that two key resources fueling the growth of biopharma were until recently somewhat geographically spread among the 10 or so regions of the nation where the industry began to arise a generation ago. “In recent years, this has changed—Boston and San Francisco [….]

UMB Kindles Students’ Entrepreneurship

University of Maryland, Baltimore Entrepreneurship
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At the 2017 Expo, the spotlight was on pharmacists, for example, during Eddington’s remarks to fellow panelists and an audience that included representatives of the Maryland Department of Commerce. “Faculty and students at the School of Pharmacy have embraced a unique type of entrepreneurship — what we are calling ‘pharmapreneurship,’” she said. Read more…