Is Maryland Becoming a Hub for Bacteriophage Technologies?

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The Bacteriophage (Phage) Therapy (PT) market is growing rapidly in the U.S. The rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria and multidrug-resistant bacteria (MDRs) across the globe has increased the value and industry acceptance of a phage approach, which can help combat bacteria that cannot be effectively treated by antibiotics. What’s more, the phage modality is a great fit for targeted personalized medicine approaches.

Intralytix Opens New HQ in Columbia, Maryland for Phage Research and Manufacturing Facility

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From left to right:

– Per Falk, President & CSO, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
– John Woloszyn, Founder, President & CEO, Intralytix, Inc.
– Calvin Ball, County Executive, Howard County, Maryland
– Alexander Sulakvelidze, Founder, EVP & CSO, Intralytix, Inc.
– Antoine Baule, CEO, Lesaffre Compagnie