On Demand Pharmaceuticals Among the top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2021

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Making pharmaceuticals on demand
Medicines today are generally made in large batches, in a multi-step process with different parts dispersed in locations around the world. It can take months to complete the process, involving hundreds of tons of material, which creates some challenges in consistency and reliable supply. Advances in microfluidics and on-demand drug manufacturing now enable a small but increasing number of common pharmaceuticals to be made as needed.
Also called continuous-flow manufacture, the process moves ingredients via tubes into small reaction chambers. The drugs can be made in portable machines in remote locations or field hospitals, with doses tailored to individual patients, a remaining challenge is reducing the high cost of this emerging technology.

Nine Veteran-Owned Life Science Companies to Know in the BioHealth Capital Region

Six BioHealth Capital Region Veteran-Owned Life Science Companies to Know
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On this Veteran’s Day 2020, we celebrate BHCR veteran-owned life science companies that you should keep an eye on as we head into 2021.