Port Covington developers look to create nationally known biotech hub in South Baltimore

As the first buildings at Port Covington begin to rise, the project’s developers have a vision for the mini-city sprouting on a South Baltimore peninsula as the nation’s next big biotech hub.

The waterfront neighborhood of apartments, offices, stores and parks now under construction could rival life sciences cores such as Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Mission Bay in San Francisco, members of the development team say.

The Port Covington project previously had been pitched as “Cyber Town USA” by cybersecurity industry firms that had hoped to move in there. Then, progress on themultidecade, $5.5 billion project skidded to a temporary halt for safety reasons during the coronavirus pandemic.

But the project’s principals now say that cybersecurity represents just one of several industries they have long targeted, along with data sciences, life sciences and education technology.

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