Headshot of Ezekiel Kelley

Ezekiel Kelley Joins Workforce Genetics as Director of Operations and Workforce Development Solutions

Workforce Genetics welcomes Ezekiel Kelley as the new Director of Operations and Workforce Development Solutions. Ezekiel will establish and implement efficient operating systems to drive growth across the whole organization – including the Recruiting and BioBuzz divisions. Additionally, he will be the head architect for building innovative new workforce solutions; including a new online community and talent marketplace that seeks to expand access to virtual workforce development and education tools, increase career mobility, and democratize access to rewarding life science careers. 

“For me, Equity, specifically in Baltimore, is a must. I was born and raised in Baltimore, so I know that there is a large community of people in the City working towards democratizing labor across different sectors. However, I hadn’t heard of many companies or organizations specifically working towards improving labor equity and accessibility in the biotech sector. So when I was approached with the opportunity to be a part of a team with a mission of making sure that anyone with the work ethic, interest, and willingness to learn could get an opportunity to pursue a career in biotech, I knew that I had to jump at the chance to do my part.”

“When Ezekiel and I first met I was immediately taken by his dedication to making an impact on others and on the community. It’s the compass that guides him,” shared Workforce Genetics CEO, Chris Frew. “Our first meeting lasted for two hours before we even started to talk about business, and I realized two things. First was how aligned we were philosophically and in our vision for success.  And, secondly, that he was the right person to help us reach our next phase of growth and launch our workforce development solutions. I’m thrilled to have him on the team, and for the impact that I know we will be able to make together”

Ezekiel’s work background includes many diverse roles. He has previously worked in an operations position in investment banking, where he collaborated with multiple teams to help find solutions to challenging problems. Ezekiel also co-founded and managed a tech startup with a mission to provide job opportunities to Baltimore residents. Immediately prior to joining Workforce Genetics, Ezekiel worked at one of Baltimore City’s largest nonprofits. In this role, he helped secure funding for small businesses, provided support to local community groups, and, once again, worked to help find jobs for unemployed Baltimore residents. 

“As a kid growing up in West Baltimore, I saw not only a lack of opportunity but, more significantly, a lack of awareness of the opportunities that did exist, especially when it came to education and jobs. In recent years, however, I’ve seen the development of new technologies that raise awareness and provide opportunities to people, regardless of their backgrounds or locations. Today, someone in West Baltimore can have the same level of exposure to education, mentorship, and career opportunity as someone in Frederick. I’m so excited for this new role because I believe WGx will be instrumental in furthering this trend by revolutionizing accessibility into the biotech ecosystem.”

Ezekiel earned his Bachelor of Finance and Marketing from Berea College, where he was also involved with many community groups and outreach. With a mission of establishing sustainable and authentic channels of information, Ezekiel co-founded and hosts Be More Open, a podcast devoted to discussing the challenges that Baltimore City residents live with. Ezekiel also frequently collaborates with the Mid-Town Edmondson Food Pantry, a pivotal food access point for many residents in West Baltimore, to run food drives throughout the year and provide special meals during the holidays. In addition to his experience working in business and serving as a community leader, Ezekiel is a musician. Most recently, he composed a large portion of the score for What Happened 2 Chocolate City, a documentary investigating the impact of housing policy and gang laws on District of Columbia residents and what can be done to create more positive opportunities for youth in the city.